This is a place where you will discover links that take you to sites where you can enjoy very special art expressions. Art is one of the big pleasures for the soul. Here we offer you a selection of different Internet pages where you will listen to music, watch videos, see photos and enjoy all kinds of art work. We will install a search for categories for your convenience, soon.

We would like you to visit this site and find out about very rare medical syndromes. We hope that after visiting this site, you are moved by this cause as to make a donation through the website in connection to Paypal. You can also add this link to your social pages or to your own website.


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A special blog for writers

Red Pen

This is a special blog for writers. You can find in-deep interviews with new authors, read the plot of their books and even read one or two chapters. The interesting thing is that these interviews and introductions to new writers are done by a well known author himself: Paul Western-Pittard, the author of the psychological thriller Undreamed.

Jorrit van der Kooi

These links are to see reality videos of talented, Dutch born film and TV director and presenter: Jorrit van der Kooi, well known for having the idea of the TV Show "Rodeo Drive". He lives in both Los Angeles and the Netherlands and he is the owner of Silver Spirit Pictures Company .  You can see here some of his creative works. -


A foundation to benefit kids in Foster Homes, helping them through art, so they can be better persons overcoming their lacks and needs during their childhood. Visit this site and enjoy their beautiful art work.

Click here to watch 'Love & Art' history video

Promo video for the Mauricio Saravia Academy.

This is the video for the Mauricio Saravia Academy, in Denver, Colorado, where children from low-income families can study different kinds of art after regular school time.  That is a wonderful way to keep children out of the streets and far from the television.  They also receive some food and goodies to make the afternoon complete in learning and having fun.

Paul Zollo

Enjoy listening to the beautiful music of Paul Zollo here.  You will also see his amazing photos about the extraordinary diversity of human beings.  Music and photography are Paul Zollo's passions.  He composes, plays and sings his songs.  There are also very interesting videos in his page.  Worth to visit:

Justin John Greene

We introduce you to Justin John Greene, a very creative artist who will impress you with his art work, sometimes unusual but always professional and outstanding.  Click on the different buttons on top of the page to see the diversity of paintings and illustrations.
Here is the link to his blog:

Hazel Miller Band

We selected this site where you can listen to the best Jazz music.  Click here and listen to Hazel Miller's amazing voice, and her excellent musicians.  You can hear a few minutes of every one of her recorded songs just entering her site and clicking on AUDIO button.   Hazel Miller is already an Icon in American music.

The many faces of Mauricio Saravia - Blog

A blog about the amazing and inspirational life of late artist Mauricio Saravia.  Bruce W. Hall wrote a beautiful piece of literature, almost channeling the artist soul and feelings.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard This is the link to the site of Faces of Sunset Boulevard, A portrait of Los Angeles. This book has been nominated for the Glenn Goldman Art and Design Book Award, along with books by Annie Leibovitz and Pulitzwer Price winning photographer Rick Rickman, just now in October 2009. It is a compelling book of amazing photos of people of Los Angeles, one of the most diverse and interesting city in the world. You cannot miss a page in this book. 

Architect and graphic designer Alexander Walter

Hilarious, artistic, creative website, with an interactive home page.   You will enjoy visiting this site, and looking at the art work of its creator: Alexander Walter, Architect, graphic designer, illustrator.  The incredible thing is that he created it in 2005, when computers programs were not so sophisticated.

Aztecan Arts Colorado

Aztecan Arts Colorado is a collaboration of artists with roots in the indigenous cultures of North and Central America, particularly Mexico. Our collective goal is to promote the awareness and advancement of our people's beautiful heritage. We promote their self preservation of the culture through educational, economical, spiritual and nutritional growth utilizing the arts to achieve these goals. 
This is a beautiful and artistic website that shows the Aztec impressive and mysterious art and traditions. 

Asia Fajardo-Wright

Asia Fajardo-Wright, a saxophonist and composer with a BS in Music and Music Management from University of Colorado-Denver is doing a great team work with several musicians and together they have released  a CD called Ensamblando Culturas.  There is another CD on the market called Sacred Paths that Asia released with her band Asia Jazz Project  Click here to listen to unique and mystic sounds.

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