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In this section, you will find links to sites where you can enjoy very special art expressions. There is a selection of different Internet pages where you will listen to music, watch videos, see photos and enjoy all kinds of art-work.

But we also include some links to websites that are of non-for-profit organizations, which give information about rare medical conditions. As you know, late artist Mauricio Saravia, founder of Artist Interviews, passed away of a rare mutation and we are pleased to be able to help somehow, similar patients.

You may also find here, links to some other non-profit organizations, being our wish to help society too.We will install a search for categories for your convenience, soon.

Thank you for visiting this section.

Mark Noble Art

"Outside In" is an established charity that aims to provide a platform for artists who face significant barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance, or isolation. Please, support this organization.

The Colorado Folk Arts Council

The Colorado Folk Arts Council

visit the website

To encourage the preservation of ethnic cultural arts, history and traditions through educational workshops, youth team building, public performances and community projects. 

Inspiracional biography book.
An inspirational life story about an immigrant who overcame all difficulties: physical limitations, pain, emotional trauma, and poverty, until he finally could fulfill his dream and find recognition as an artist in Hollywood.


We would like you to visit this site and find out about very rare medical syndromes. We hope that after visiting this site, you are moved by this cause as to make a donation through the website in connection to Paypal. You can also add this link to your social pages or to your own website.


Thank you very much for your big heart.



I recently found a blog with not only very interesting stories and educational texts but everything written there shows an exquisite gift to play with the words in such a way that it´s a pleasure to read it. Unfortunatelly, the author uses an encrypted name, and we don´t know who he is.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard This is the link to the site of Faces of Sunset Boulevard, A portrait of Los Angeles. This book has been nominated for the Glenn Goldman Art and Design Book Award, along with books by Annie Leibovitz and Pulitzwer Price winning photographer Rick Rickman, just now in October 2009. It is a compelling book of amazing photos of people of Los Angeles, one of the most diverse and interesting city in the world. You cannot miss a page in this book. 

Jorrit van der Kooi

These links are to see reality videos of talented, Dutch born film and TV director and presenter: Jorrit van der Kooi, well known for having the idea of the TV Show "Rodeo Drive". He lives in both Los Angeles and the Netherlands and he is the owner of Silver Spirit Pictures Company .  You can see here some of his creative works. -

Promo video for the Mauricio Saravia Academy.

This is the video for the Mauricio Saravia Academy, in Denver, Colorado, where children from low-income families can study different kinds of art after regular school time.  That is a wonderful way to keep children out of the streets and far from the television.  They also receive some food and goodies to make the afternoon complete in learning and having fun.

Hazel Miller Band

We selected this site where you can listen to the best Jazz music.  Click here and listen to Hazel Miller's amazing voice, and her excellent musicians.  You can hear a few minutes of every one of her recorded songs just entering her site and clicking on AUDIO button.   Hazel Miller is already an Icon in American music.

Here you can find not only complete information about the medical condition Mesothelioma but also hope and faith to the patients.

Please, help the Mesothelioma Veterans Center.

Visit this website and help them in their big effort to bring awareness about mesothelioma and asbestos, a cancer that deeply affects families throughout the country. Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. Asbestos can be found in many places such as houses, fire stations, or in our case Naval Shipyards. It’s such a dangerous material because it only takes limited exposure to the fibers for them to become deadly. Over time, this cancer spreads throughout the body, affecting other vital organs as well.

Another important Mesothelioma organization.

If you have questions about Asbestos, and trying to find a treatment or legal advice, as a civil or veteran, please go to this website:

If you love nature, animals and the Wild, please, visit this website and help them to preserve the most beautiful land in our planet

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